Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lake Como

Oscar and the family were kind enough to take us into Lake Como one night for pizza. Unfortunately, no George Clooney sightings were to be had.

Hopefully, you can see the scale of Nathan's calzone. Just look at the size of his head and that should help. :o)

My pizza spawns well past my place setting. You can see four glasses in front of me and the pizza just keeps going. I almost finished it.. almost...

A statue of Volta, the man who invented the battery. He is wearing a tie as Lake Como was sponsoring 'tie art'. Kind of like how Chicago sponsored the cows.

Church in the center of Lake Como. Again, enormous. The archways hide the old baptism pools. How many people were they baptizing at one time??

Group photo - My friend Dave, Nathan: a teammate of Dave's from California, Shawn and Kyle - Oscar's amazing kids. At school, Kyle speaks Italian, at home they speak English and he is taking Latin, German and French classes. Amazing!

A photo of Lake Como as the sun sets. Sorry for the poor photo quality but I forgot that I could reset my camera to night time photos. Oops!

You can take a tram up the side of the mountain. Oooohhh.. the lights are pretty..... the rest of the photos didn't turn out so well. Too busy eating my ice cream. :o)

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