Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lake Lugano

After another lovely ride (not really as I was dropped like a stone, it wasn't pretty) we went to the little town of Lugano to wander around and shop. Since it was situated next to Lake Como, it was quite the ritzy little town. For a village with only a couple of streets, I was amazed that it had a Cartier and a Hermes shop.

To be honest, I was more amazed by the sausage shop. I think the hanging sausages are bigger than my dog!

It wouldn't be a blog without another dorky photo of me. I'm gaining all my weight back so everyone can just stop yelling at me. I'm eating fine!

It wouldn't be a quaint Italian town without old men playing big chess.

The gardens around Lake Lugano are beautiful. Perfect for ice cream and strolling.

A Dr. Seuss tree.

And while you are strolling, in case you wondered what the temperature is, you just check the thermometer located in the center of the park.

Need to know if the weather is going to change? Check the barometer! The other two sides displayed humidity and the time of day. I guess that makes it fairly easy to stand around and talk about the weather. :o)

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