Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After a couple of days of cycling and with the threat of bad weather, I convince Dave that we should check out Milan for the day.

Dave studies the tour guide on the train so that he doesn't feel bad about missing a possible day of cycling. Really, there are a few things to see in Milan!

First up is the castle. We read the history on a few information boards and this building dates way, way, way back. It is absolutely enormous and at one point was the center of Milan as the King's fort and stronghold.

Just trying to get the scale of the structure and not doing a very good job.

Look ma - no hands! Okay, so not funny. Looks Greek to me...

Parts of the castle that have fallen off or were taken down as the structure was expanded throughout the years.

Dave and I didn't do much in Milan. We just walked around and ate. I probably stood in front of this pastry cart for 10 minutes trying to decide what to get. Analysis paralysis!

Decision made!

Dave poses in front of the Duomo. (Check out last July's Bella Italia post for more info). The cathedral is enourmous and can hold up to 13,000 worshippers.

I think the lion ate the man hiding underneath the shield.

Up close and gothic.

The cathedral has 3100 different statues placed among the exterior. My favorites were the gutters. You can't just have water pouring out of any old orifice. To me, this one resembles a cartoon hound with wings.

A storm was brewing in the north (turns out it rained where we were staying so good choice for us to go to Milan!) and the dark clouds made an eerie backdrop to this lone statue.

This guy has an arrow sticking out of his chest and the cupids below him are crying in woe. Where are all the freaking happy statues?!!?!?!?

Each one of the pillars has a statue on top of it. Did I mention the 3100 different ones? I'm not afraid of heights but I will admit, the thought of working on the pillars on top of the roof makes me a little queasy.

Another spout for rain water. How would the 'burbs look if all the neighbors had these on their houses?

And finally, sweating on top of the Duomo. Unfortunately some construction was going on so we didn't get to see quite everything but it was enough. A must see for anyone in Milan.

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