Thursday, December 17, 2009

Land of the Lost II

You may recall a previous post where I discovered the secret hiding place of all of Tucker's tennis balls. I'm not so sure how my boy had me so fooled....

Tucker enjoys sitting on the loveseat and watching everyone out the front window.

Last night, I went over to clean off the usual dog hair. But something was amiss.. the left hand cushion seemed a bit lumpy in the corner. So I removed the cushions....

And found the secret bone burial ground! I can't believe it. I thought he had finished eating them. Apparently, I'm not very good at counting or understanding how fast he goes through them.

Knucklebone anyone? I went through the rest of the furniture, the sofa and armchair, and discovered two more bones and a missing slipper. Most people find change in their furniture, I find gnawed animal bits. You have to wonder where the instinct comes from?

It's a good thing it was his birthday this week or I'm not sure I would put up with such a ferocious beast.

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