Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When an Eight Year Old Asks

You tend to say Yes. On my last night in California I went to visit friends Wendi and Dale in San Francisco. We were out for Wendi's birthday dinner when it was discovered that a neighboring table also was having a birthday. Therefore, we were assaulted by the eight year old and told to 'put this up your nose'. So we said 'okay', and thus, the 'stache competition was born.

Me, Dale, Diana (work friend of Dale), Wendi and the unknown assailant. Err... eight year old.

Other than that, the camera stayed tucked away in my bag as the week was filled with many many many work things. I do have my sunshine picture as promised. Look at those skinny white sticks. (I could be referring to the dog, my brother, or me. Sad)
Ms. Winnie with her laser beam eyes.

And caught on camera, me taking a nap. I blame the jet lag. I am such a wonderful house guest, aren't I? Visiting family only to commandeer the couch for a snooze. No wonder I'm rarely invited.

Yep, that's it. Not much going on these days. Just trying to keep my head above water and get ready for a few exciting trips. More soon...well, if I get any new material that is.....

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