Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Can't Be All Serious

I seriously have not arranged my photos yet. This weekend... really. I have to get some work done so I'll be in front of the computer anyway. Promises... promises.... Anyway, you can only be awe inspired so many times and after awhile, you start to get a little silly.....

Trying to figure out which one of these beasts is TC?

Shannon gets flirty with the men guarding the peacock door.

It could almost be a Coca-Cola advertisement.

We tried to get a Brady Bunch theme going but the boys wouldn't play.

Showing off my booties at the Taj Majal. Uncovered shoes are not allowed on the masouleum itself so either the shoes go or the feet get covered. Here I'm practicing my Dorothy Hamil moves.
My cool footwear.

Steph and TC give our tuk-tuk races the thumbs up!

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