Friday, February 19, 2010

There's Just Too Much - Delhi and the Wedding

I sacrificed some precious sleep time and did a little sorting. Here's my best recollection of the events below. :o)

Getting my henna applied. It takes about an hour to dry and flake off so make sure you go to the bathroom or get a drink before you get started.

One of the wedding ceremonies was for all the women to tie bracelets on to the bride for health and prosperity. The poor girl's arms were a wee bit tired at the end.

Our first sight seeing trip took us here. Unfortunately, I can't remember where this was. It was really neat though. Intricate stone work and several hundred years old.

The group in action. Everyone got their buddy? Who is missing? Head count!

This is the entrance gate to the masoleum grounds. The gates are just as amazing as the monuments they allow entry to.

This masoleum in Delhi is the inspiration for the Taj Majal. Built first, everything is symmetrical except they also entombed the guy who commissioned this. He built it for his wife and they buried him along side her. So everything is perfectly balanced except his tomb. Men. Always upsetting the balance.......

The grounds are extensively irrigated with pools and fountains. Pretty nifty construction for being hundreds of years old.

Lastly, true to form, another dorky photo of me sitting on the masoleum deck with the grounds and the entrance 'gate' behind me. Why am I not smiling? I must be thinking about all the photos I'm going to have to organize....

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