Tuesday, April 27, 2010

13th Place... 3rd Place... What's the Difference?

This weekend I raced in the Ful On Duathlon. I did it last year as well - I believe there are the usual dork photos out there of me. (Check out the post 'It Helps When the Field Is Small')

We had better weather this year and more first time duathlon participants. Here John Booker is surrounded by the ladies before the race.

John makes his way down the finishing stretch. Last year he beat me by about a minute. This year I beat him by over 8 minutes. I know it's wrong to feel good about that - especially since he hasn't been running much. However, it's nice to know that I almost took him on the bike. :o)

Funny enough, I ended up with a prize at the end of the race. I finished in 13th place, but ended up with 3rd prize. During the first run (it was a 5K/20K/5K race), the lead pack went the wrong way and got themselves disqualified. Luckily, I was just far enough back with someone who kept me from taking a wrong term so I ended up in 3rd place. Not bad to get a new jersey and some socks for being slow.... go 13th place! By the way, it's race season for the next month or so. That means I'm going to have more than the usual amounts of lycra, neoprene and sweaty photos to share. The good news is I get to travel for a few of them. Oh yeah.

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