Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I tell you, the universe is pretty good about getting even. Well, it's my own fault really. I should have known better to gloat in my last post about beating Mr. John Booker by 8 minutes in this year's duathlon when I knew full well that we would have many more races together this year. Needless to say, John was very quick to remind me as he was standing at the finish of this weekend's triathlon that I finished behind him. Arghhh!! I really should have known better. (I also should have brought my camera this weekend. Sorry you are stuck with no pictures )

Sunday's race of the New Forest triathlon looked to be off to a rocky start. At 5:30AM it was pounding with rain. Luckily by the time we were ready to head off to the race at 6:15AM, we were greeted with this lovely rainbow. The race distance was slighly shorter than an Olympic with 1100 meter swim, 36K bike and 10K run. (I really wish the run was longer. Have I ever mentioned how I'm not a sprinter?)

The results may be too small to read but it clearly shows that I finished last out of all my friends. Not a problem - I am very happy with my finish given a few mechanical issues with my bike as well as the guy in transition who decided to rack his bike in my spot and then try to steal my clothes. So yeah, my time wasn't the greatest but a good race tune up and now I know what it feels like to swim with completely numb hands and feet. Needless to say, lake swimming in May in England, is not warm. No, not warm at all. What I did want to point out - what I think is so cool about my friends who raced this weekend - is that we were all in different age groups. We had one represented in almost every group - M20, M30, M40, M50, F20, F30 and F40. Pretty neat, eh? (By the way, the only pure time is the bike time. The swim and run include transition. I actually made it out of the water in 23 minutes! My hands were just too numb to put my helmet on quickly)

Other than that, Tucker joined us for the race as hosts Barry and Julie were kind enough to let him stay. Unfortunately, our visit with them was also off to a rocky start as he tried to eat their rabbit. Good thing the cage was able to withstand the attack. Yikes! Tucker also had a play date this weekend. I thought the photo of him and his friend Huronomous was quite sweet.

Especially when 'H' wanted his bed. Just a bit too big for this boy.

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