Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alpe d'Huez.. after the race

The weather has turned cooler here in jolly old England and autumn has finally arrived. Since our record heat wave is over, I thought I'd finally post the other summer time photos from my camera. Here are some of the post race photos and although it only looks like we spent all our time on bicycles, I can assure you, we spent plenty of time eating and drinking too. :o)

After our post race celebrations and then being spectators for Gervase's race, we head out for a gentle ride out of town and through the valley. A nice wide bike lane (not that one of these exists anywhere in England) has John doing his Sound of Music impression.

 We even convinced Paul to get back on his bike again. Although he was a bit grumpy, I think the beers and the descending cheered him up in the end. Here the gang climb out of the tunnel and up, up, up....

 .. and away.  Paul and Gervase are chugging along.

 Working our way up the valley.

 At our first rest stop - this one for coffee - I decide to step in front of the camera for a change and pose by the dam. Please ignore my helmet hair. Thank you.

The view from the coffee shop. It's lovely, but would be nicer if we were water side and didn't have the parking lot in the way. Oh well, at least you can see through it!

 John and Beth did some shopping while we were out there and show off their new look. I think they still thought they were in Italy....

 Sadly, you can't see the tiny mountain village in the background. If I ever find some time to re-do the blog, I promise MUCH larger photos. Maybe when I take some time off at Christmas?

 The lunch/beer stop is at the top of Deux Alpes ski resort.

 I couldn't resist the view from my chair. Love the blue sky and white puffy clouds. Now, this might be old hat for the Americans, but we don't get this view in England very much.

At the end of lunch, the group checks in with the electronic age. As Beth indicates, now that we have climbed, eaten and quelched our thirst, it is time for a nap.

Lastly, we weren't the only people enjoying Les Deux Alpes.... apparently the slopes were open too!

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