Friday, October 14, 2011

More Roman ruins....

.. but guess where I saw them this time!!

I took a quick weekend trip to Rome (who says that?!?!!) and did some exploring with Radhika. I've got some fantastic photos and you'll be very sick of them after about 8 posts. My obsession with statues went a little over board. Who can help it when you come to this town? Now you'll have to see me whine about organizing my photos for weeks. In the mean time, here's the Coliseum.

It was seriously cool. I have to go watch Gladiator again it was so cool. Here you can see the underground paths and rooms where they staged everything before moving it up to the main floor.

Nope, not the Arc de Triomphe, but similar. We had two days of lovely sunshine and three nights where we drank some good Italian red wine. Not to mention some rest stops along the way for a bierra or prosecco or two. Sight seeing in that town is tiring work!

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