Thursday, October 27, 2011

Da Bears

OMG. I had one of those Christmas morning/kid-in-a-candy store/grinning ear to ear/ fun fun fun fun fun evenings the other night.

On a beautiful autumn evening I went to Wembley Stadium

To see the NFL!!!!!!!!! It was Bears versus Bucs at the NFL game in London. Whoop! Whoop! (even writing this blog makes me happy). Was it a little taste of home? Was it just great to be at an NFL game again? I don't know but I had a such a good time.

 Maybe it was having a hot dog? Yes, this is my first hot dog in three years. They even had onions on it! Even though the stadium was branded with Bud Light, I had to settle for the stadium beer of Carlsberg. That's okay. Beer and a hot dog while watching a sports match? Almost close to heaven......

It didn't hurt that I had great seats. Row 14, in the corner of the end zone. All the throwing touchdowns and big interceptions happened in our end. They must have known I was there.

 As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up their home game, the entire stadium was branded in Red and White. They handed out flags to everyone and the stadium was dripping in Tampa Bay gear. I have to say, the crowd responded and when Tampa Bay had the ball, not many people were cheering for the Bears.

 There were still plenty of fans though. Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears. Sausage. Ditka.

 A few Packers fans as well.

 Saints anyone?

Or how 'bout Dolphins, Iowa Hawkeyes, Bears and Bucs? Seriously. Every American football fan wore their jersey to the stadium. It didn't matter who was playing, everyone came to enjoy the NFL.

Still lots of Rome to organize. The weather has been gorgeous here in the UK so I haven't been able to shut myself in the house and get organized. Soon soon soon... but in the mean time, I'm grinning like a cat.

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