Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Christmas!

I just got back from visiting former Michigan teammate Barb and her family in Eindhoven, Netherlands (see previous Carnivale posts). Tucker and I took a road trip to have a good old Yankee Swap/White Elephant party with her and her friends. It took awhile before the French, English, Croatian, Dutch, Scottish and Peruvian guests caught on but then they participated admirably. While there, Barb's two daughters thoughtfully bought Tucker a Christmas present. At the pet store, this as considered a 'Large' dog hat. Yep, he's got a big head. But he's cute so you have to love him!

As for me, I'm leaving Tucker with several sets a friends (there are some interesting logistics for Christmas for him - maybe even a house sitter so no one should try to burglarize me while I'm gone) and I'm heading back to the homeland for the holidays. It hasn't been a full Hart family Christmas since 2008 so really looking forward to it. Truthfully, I'm just looking forward to winning the bowling trophy back, the rest is just gravy. Maybe more to come before the New Year, you never know when you are going back to Cali.......

Merry Happy Christmas!


Barb said...

Lynda-it was so great to see you! I'm so glad you came. The girls have since been busy making more 'presents' for Tucker. Enjoy your time in the States.

Sweetang said...

I can't believe you were in Eindhoven! That's the closet town to Venlo, where my client is overseas....ended up staying over there last time before going home.

Happy New Year!