Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St Peters Basillica from the ground

We went to visit St Peters just before it was closing which ended up being a brilliant idea. We didn't have to queue (stand in line) at all, and were able to get our fill of gawking without waiting hours. Go us!

The sun is setting across the piazza, you can see the chairs in the distance set up for Sunday mass.

Closer look at the columns and the statues overlooking each of the pillars. Take note of these statues for later on......

Radhika smiles because there is no queue. Whoop! Whoop!

Here is the view from the pulpit (or the front door) if you were giving the service to the masses below.

Radhika's favorite - La Pieta.

Amazing marble columns, statues, colors everywhere

A little bit more impressive place for where you get the holy water. Makes the vessels at good old Holy Family church seem a little.. simple.

Something I learned on the tour is that keys are decorated throughout the Vatican museums and St Peters. This one in particular is a marble inlay on the floor. It is to represent when the keys of Heaven were given to St Peter from Jesus Christ. The keys to the entire kingdom.......

I'm almost done with Rome, only a few more sets of pictures. Maybe by then I'll have left the country again.

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