Friday, November 25, 2011

A Bernini Bridge

Radhika and I went for a stroll and got a little sidetracked on our way to see St Peters Basillica in the evening. We diverted to cross over Pont Sant'Angelo which is lined with statues sculpted by Bernini.

Coming across the bridge, a view of the castle in the background.

A better shot of some of the statues.

A view of the Tiber river and St Peters in the background.

Not on the bridge but somehow this winged statue made this post. Probably because I don't want you to be overwhelmed in the 'Statues' post. I know, it is a bit of an obsession.

Radika checks out the bumblebees. I love how they aren't just content to put up a cement railing. It's got to be decorative.

A view from the castle down to the bridge. Now I wonder why they didn't build the bridge in Modesto to look like this?

A view of St Peters Basillica as the sun sets.

These pictures really don't convey the atmosphere but this is a little cafe on the top of the castle. It's a lovely little oasis with stunning views.

Why not relax here and gaze at St Peters? Exactly.


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