Friday, November 18, 2011

Rome on Foot

I thought I would continue with some sights around Rome. We certainly power walked throughout the city and captured some lovely photos.

Who needs a Stair Master when you have to walk up these? I had to stop and rest on the second step. Yes, I am THAT out of shape.

I couldn't resist this photo as we stopped for a beverage.

The Parthenon. I think it says 'Agrippa Slept Here'

Even the ancient Romans enjoyed skylights.

One of my favorite street views. Love, love, love these passage ways. Especially when you can stop and people watch with a glass of wine.

If there were cars instead of people down there it might remind you a bit of Clark Griswald.

Finally, one of my favorite reasons to be in Italy...gelato. The best gelato place ever. Yum Yum Yum. The atmosphere didn't hurt either.

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