Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Champions of Cyclosport

Taking a little break from Rome, I thought I'd share some party party photos from a recent fundraiser I got to attend.

Good friends from the tri club - Julia, me, Jerry and Jane. Needless to say, I had been sick for a while and decided that alcohol kills germs so might have overdone it a bit on the champagne. Which means, I over do it on the lovin'. Here Jerry is the center of attention from the girls.

Next, I'm all smiles as I get a photo with Geraint Thomas. Did I mention that this fundraiser featured some pretty experienced cyclists? Yep, Tour de France and white jersey winner, he was nice enough to take a photo with us.

Not content to just take a photo with a man who rides with Lance Armstrong, I decide to give him some pointers on how to ride up a hill. Yep. I am clearly giving advice to a pro cyclist. I blame my fever for making me mental.

The BTS ladies were happy to show off their finery with none other than Mark Cavendish. Me, Jane, Katy ( who took off her shoes so she wouldn't be so tall), Julia and Christina get some quality time. For those of you who don't know who this man is, he won a record number of sprint stages at the Tour de France. Also know as the Manx Missile as he is from the Isle of Man but that is less interesting.

Since I have to rest my weary feet I take photo with Paul. Although it looks like all Jane and I did was chase celebs (not quite true, but very close), I also did rest. :o)  Big thanks to Paul for bringing me as his date as I wouldn't have been here if not for his spending his bonus money on some dress up fun.

Did I mention Jane and I were a bit celebrity chasing. Seriously this wasn't my intention at all! I just got a little carried away. And may have spilled a glass of champagne on David Millar's sister. Don't tell anyone though. (Although she was really nice about it. Really nice)

Did someone say David Millar?? Oh yeah, that's me and him. It was a little weird as I just read his book - which is very good by the way. How often do you meet someone and can say 'I read your book'? A little insider information, this was his first night away from his newborn boy. David's mom was called in to babysit for the new parents. See, I wasn't just star gazing. I was making conversation. Well, technically it was with his wife Nicole Millar but close enough. A fun night out and another brush with cycling greatness. It would be nice if it rubbed off on me now..

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