Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A New Commute, A New View of London

Unfortunately, or fortunately, ... I still haven't figured this one out.... my office has moved locations in London. I'm now traveling to the Kings Cross area which from Windsor, is quite a trek. I think I finally have figured out the optimum travel route, but it has been a struggle. Travel times now range from 1 hr 42 minutes to about 1 hr 16 minutes (when it isn't snowing). So - sometimes, it's still a bit of a struggle.

I am trying to be a bit more creative with my London commute. My old commute was okay, and although this one is similar in it's duathlon nature, it is a bit less scenic. Therefore, I'm started to vary the exercise and commute during the week. I still ride to a train station in the morning (now a 15 minute endeavor - up a hill) and then hop on the train to Paddington in London. When I arrive at Paddington, I've now discovered that I can run to work (yes, I said run - we have showers at work thankfully) on a canal from the train station. Although I regularly cycle to work, I now have some variety. The map above just makes out the start of the canal system behind the train station.

I'm guessing since it is winter time, the canal is not that busy. Here is the view looking back down the canal.

The canal is also scenic in it's own way. It passes by the London Zoo and actually bisects the aviary.

I have to admit, every time I go by, I can ONLY think of Jurassic Park and the Lost World. It really is quite eerie at that hour.

I also run by a Chinese Pagoda restaurant........

Underneath low hanging bridges......

By a random Pirate Castle (???) ...........

By some cool apartments and businesses........(ignore the Amy Winehouse graffiti. She used to live in this part of London)

By Camden Lock and Market. Unfortunately, I'm through at 8AM and the shopkeepers don't set up until later. I'll come back one weekend to give you a good contrast. Although I am cheered up by the electric blue lights on the tree in the back.

And by foot bridges and sculptures ... you can just see one across the canal here....

And lastly, by apartments that look like they are made from old Airstream Trailers. Or something from Captain Nemo and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. ..............So, it's not that bad, right? It's really better than being cooped up on the tube, stuck next to a stinky man, having to stand up the whole time. (It also saves me £4 a day and will hopefully get this Christmas weight off of me)  I keep telling myself that I'm making lemonade out of lemons. You've got to have some fun in your commute, right? Right? Sigh.

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