Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2nd on the Island Tour

After returning from Zanzibar, I quickly turned around and headed for the second stop on my island tour. I met up with the usual triathlon crew and cycled down to the Isle of Wight. I don't really have too much to add, just that we had fun, we ate and drank quite a bit, and we fixed a lot of punctures (flat tires). Ugh.

Those of us who decided to play hooky (skive off work) to cycle down. Jeeves, Louise, Simon and John. 

At our first coffee stop, Simon checks the map. We made it 1.5 hours before deciding a latte was in order. (Notice the sun!!! This was the last nice weekend before the monsoon season began)

Feeling decadent while resting in the sun during a work day.

Simon ponders if he should cycle really fast and ditch us all. Or, he's enjoying his coffee.

At the lunch stop, we decide we need carbohydrates and fluids so we combine the two.

The food was great as well. Love the excuse to eat a lot when you are cycling 80 miles today and 80 miles tomorrow. Oh yeah.

There were some lovely views.

I really only stopped and took in the views when we stopped to change punctures.

A lovely view of a farmhouse......

...because of another puncture.
A lovely rest and view of Louise......
.... because of another puncture. Poor Darran and Paul who were waiting at the ferry wondered what took us so long.

Not to be outdone by Day 1, Day 2 started with ... a puncture. Actually, it started with two before we even left breakfast. We think Jeeves needs some new tires.

And, at the end of Day 2, the group looks a bit shell shocked as we refuel again. Or, they are just really sick of my camera! A bit more from the Isle of Wight coming up and then Mallorca. I promise those pictures are more interesting than changing a load of tubes.....

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