Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zanzibar - the Activities

I've just come to the realization that I have visited three different islands in three different countries the last month. Pretty cool, eh?

I didn't do much in Zanzibar. It was one of my first real 'relaxing' vacations in a long time. It was the first time I didn't run or cycle on a holiday in about 3 years. This was a rather strenuous day. We had to walk on the sand to get to the boat to go snorkelling. I was wiped out looking at all the pretty fish. 

Admiring the white sand beaches and blue water of our destination. We went snorkeling just off the reef of this island.

Not exactly the Titanic position, but I was enjoying the view from the front of the boat.

Another view of the island, from our return to the beach. Lovely. Ahhhhhhhh......

On this trip, I met friends from university. Neysa, Chrissy and I all played soccer (football) at Michigan together. We are getting ready for a night at the Full Moon party. Oh yeah.

The Full Moon Party in full swing. Really enjoyed being outside the whole evening with loads of people.

Neysa and Chrissy are groovin' on the dance floor.

The next day, after a day of scuba diving, I thought this photo of my evening activities were appropriate. My lounge chair, my wine and my book. Yep, I struggled to relax. 

And lastly, my other activity outside of reading, diving, snorkeling and relaxing was eating. The food was great! I tought I'd take a picture of my octopus carpaccio.

I liked it.

Photos from the English and Spanish islands next......

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