Friday, October 17, 2008

Best Buddies Recap

This morning the sky was clear and the moon was so bright that it cast a shadow over me and Tucker as we did our morning run. It's a great way to start a Friday.....

Since my official thank you's are out in the mail, I can finally post some photos from the Best Buddies ride last month.

Before the sun even comes up, the team gets together for a pre-ride photo. Our buddy Carlos is front and center in the orange polo.

At the start of the 100 mile ride - waiting for the sun to come up.....

The weather was beautiful as long as you stayed above the marine layer. These pictures do not do justice to the sun above and the thick fog just below.

The view looking back after the first climb.

I got a little chatty during the ride and forgot to take pictures. After 100 miles, here's the view of the beach at the finish. The marine layer is finally starting to burn off.

The group at the finish!

Me looking quite sweaty but smiling since I finished. Or, maybe it is because I'm finished with my first beer?

After showering up, it is off to the after party. Honorary Chairwoman Maria Shriver gives some opening remarks.

All the buddies take to the stage and Carlos is looking very spiffy in his tie and sunglasses.

After all the honors are given out, it's time to get the par-tay started.

"Let's get it started in here...."

Courtney, Lynda and Julia pose for the camera.

But no! It was really David Hasselhoff who pulls a Scooby Doo villain manuever and removes his Lynda disguise! Is it The Hoff or is it Lynda? Hmm.....

The party winds down with a view of the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle.

And finally, Julia and I dip our toes in the pool. It was a good ride, great fun, full of good people and new acquaintances. Thanks again to everyone who sponsored me for such a wonderful cause.

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