Friday, October 10, 2008

Credit Crunch

Another tiny hassle of moving to a new location with today's risk adverse lending...

This is the 5th time in four months that one of my credit cards has been turned off due to suspicion of fraud. No matter how many times I explain that yes I live in the UK (see the address attached to the card), yes I moved (that is why I'm spending lots of money at IKEA) and yes everything costs more (hello? exchange rate?) - apparently my spending habits no longer comply with any model. I've learned to stop being embarassed about this little game the credit card companies keep playing with me. Note that the email comes about 12 hours after they've already suspended my card. Convenient, eh?

In the spirit of capitalism and the economic meltdown, I went to the London Cycle show after work with some guys that I ride with. We met to drool over some bikes and then make our wish lists over a couple of pints.

While the guys talked stems and cogs and wheel sets and blah blah blah, I wandered around and looked at all the shiny bikes. Its a good thing my credit card was just turned off as it reminded me that I shouldn't use it. So I made out my Christmas list instead :o)

I'm really not that knowledgeable about bikes but it was fun (and eerily relaxing) to browse and watch people taking some of the new models for a spin. You could test out road bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes, kids bikes....

and those that go on dirt. All indoor!

And for all my cyclocross friends, I thought you would like this quote. To me it invokes a primal joy of being outside. But then again, what do I know? I'm typing this from the couch...Enjoy the weekend...

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