Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Much Is That Doggy In the Window?

Alright, alright, alright - if I had a life I wouldn't be talking about my dog so much. But, since I'm still working on getting one of those, y'all are stuck with updates of the mutt in the mean time.

With the advent of some inclement weather, I decided to try and provide a little more shelter for the pooch since there is no good place outside for him to stay dry. So, I pulled out my mad McGuyver-like skills and provided Tucker with a nice little porch in addition to the Dogloo. I figured since I wasn't eating alfresco any more, the table would get more use this way.

Now, he can stay outisde and stare forlornly into the house waiting for my return. The dog house backs up against the sliding doors (see an earlier post) so he has a nice view into the flat.

Here Tucker checks out his new porch as I head off to work.

Upon my return, this is the view I find from the car. Hmmm.. what is wrong with this picture? Oh right - when I left for work, my dog was OUTSIDE. It seems Houdini figured out a way to open the back door and spent the day lounging on the couch. Bad Lynda for not making sure the door was locked but I didn't anticipate that it would be my dog who broke into the place. The door was firmly latched!

Tucker certainly made himself at home while I was at work. Upon my return into the living room, the couch was full of dog hair, you'll see my flip flops and a hat on the floor (from the spare room), a purse is on the couch (taken from the hallway) and a shirt is tucked on top of a blanket (taken from downstairs). Should I worry that my dog is into women's shoes, clothing and handbags? I am not kidding - none of those items were in the living room when I went to work.

Unfortunatley, when prompted, Tucker would not show me how he opened the door. Crazy dog. I gave him another shot when I went to work today and low and behold, same result. The dog was inside the house when I got home. This time, he only seemed to like my running shoes.. one of each... What I wouldn't do for a webcam to watch this all unfold....

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Doug said...

I imagine the out and about stories may decrease as fall/winter set in, but the houdini dog story has caught my attention. You must post the web cam!