Monday, October 26, 2009

All Smiles

Saturday night was the triathlon club's end of season awards banquet. Yes, again with the triathlon. I promise I am diligently trying to get myself out of the country. Really.

The boys are all dressed up.

The girls too! Gemma is wearing a rockin' red dress but not looking at the camera. C'mon Gemma!

At the awards dinner - we have quite the dapper table.

Chris Harris and I are co-winners for the Smiley-est Triathlete award. We won dental floss and bottles of Listerine. I do question the wisdom of the voting public on this one. They obviously voted for Pre-Race Lynda as Post-Race Lynda is never quite that happy.

In any event, a fun night all around. Tall Jerry says something extremely witty - either that or the bubbles in my glass just make everything funny. The rest of the pictures tend to get more blurry and random as the night wore on so I'll leave it at that. No need for y'all to stare at the same people you see in lycra and neoprene all the time all dressed up and boozing it up. Yep, no need. And for the record, this is the most I've ever inserted myself in the photos so I think my quota for the year is done. I can stop with the dorky photos for a while. Thank goodness.

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