Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So..... didn't go out of town again this weekend. Still working on getting my life in order. Translation: Boring. Therefore, here are random photos. Note to self: pace blog site better....

I was trying to take a photo of one of my morning walks. I love the leaves on the ground and the fall colors. Instead it looks like I'm on qualudes.

My wonderful friend Holly doing yoga in Times Square

The usual photo of Tucker. He's in serious mode. He seriously wanted my brother to throw the ball.

And my brother got a new dog. Well, my sister-in-law got a new dog. My brother just gets to live with the dog. :o) My brother has now turned into quite the pet photographer. Here are a few photos of Tucker's cousin, Winnie.

And let's see, it wouldn't be a post for me without some mention of alcohol or biking. So, here's one of my favorite pictures that combines both....

And to close with the usual dorky of photo of myself, here I am showing off my camera skills. I'm frowning and Julia has her eyes closed. Story of my life....

I really need to get some travel booked, eh?

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