Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slowing Down for Summer

We are having record breaking lovely weather here in England and thus, I've been spending the time relaxing and taking Tucker out for long walks and swims. His swimming is getting so much better! Mine, on the other hand, is still quite atrocious. I think I am getting faster these days though - it's all about survival. There is a male swan who has been pestering the swimmers at the lake recently since he has a baby (cygnet). So needless to say, I'm desperately trying not to be the last one in the group!

The nice, long summer evenings make for week day evenings at the pub. Here we celebrated Darran's birthday. (I'm hiding in the back right)

I also have to share my new flowers. So cheerful. I think the heat is making me lazy, this post really is about nothing, isn't it? Good news dear readers, my good friend Beth arrived from Cali this morning and we are off to Prague for the weekend. What better place to spend Independence Day? Happy 4th of July!

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