Monday, June 14, 2010


Vienna is a lovely city and one that I think I would fit into very well. I say that because their are hotdog/wiener/sausage stands on almost every corner. It's almost like living in Wisconsin but with better architecture.
The back side of some serious monuments. The queen in her thrown surrounded by several soldiers. We tried to answer that age old question of 'does the position of the horses feet really say how the guy died in battle?' If you ever live in Chicago, I think they tell you that on the architecture tour.

I'll say it for the five millionth time.. they don't make statues like these anymore. Vienna has this great area called the Museum Quarter. Home to museums, libraries, exhibits, gardens, etc. A great place to wander, enjoy the spectacle and stop for cake.

If you look closely at the top of this building, all the 'spires' on the ends are actually statues of people. We are pretty sure they were erected to be the lightening rods.

Karma. I made it to town just in time for the Vienna Wine Festival.

What does this sculpture say about this archway? 'All who enter get beaten with this giant club?' Cool statue but a little dark, no?

I wish this picture would have turned out better. This is the giant archway protected by said scary statue above. It houses the entrance to one of the museums and is one of the thoroughfares for the horse drawn carriages to go through.

Although I believe this was built quite a while ago, I get the impression that Vienna is ready for the World Cup.

Jo enjoys a little post race refreshment. The largest Snoopy Snow Cone machine ever!

We also took some time out of our wanderings to visit one of the oldest 'fun fairs' in the world. This classic carnival has evolved into a mini Magic Mountain. Here Tom, Michael, Sarah and Julian test out this crazy ride.

This was too cute. The dog is resting on the counter top just waiting for a customer. The sign below the dog says 'Please do not feed the dog'.

The library.

I think the Austrians are afraid of lightening. The sign says 'Due to storm entire park area dangerous!' Otherwise, why is the park dangerous? And what storm? As I was standing there, I was quite unsure.

Another view of the Library. Very Gothic. And for some reason, it reminds me of Ghostbusters. Anyone else?

Outside the library are statues of these little guys. I'm blanking on the name. Cupids? Fat babies? I forgot what they are called.

Statue and flowers dedicated to Mozart. Lots of classical music and opera to be seen and heard in Vienna.
Oh, and another shot from the bus. Thought you might like to see how the bikes get transported back from the race when not packed in boxes underneath!

I went to see the famous Lipizzaner stallions. What actually was most impressive is this indoor arena that we watched them in. The building was built in 1725 specifically for showcasing the horses. The facility is grand and enormous and older than the United States. Way cool.

Umm... can't remember what this is dedicated to. Loved the stonework and the gold leaf on top however.
There you have it folks. A random display of photographs from Vienna. With the pre-race prep, the race and the wandering, it was a great weekend trip.


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