Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup Fever

First off, it is a gorgeous day here in England. Whoever says the weather here is always bad must only bring the rain with them. Absolutely a brilliant day. Anyway, I wanted to try and convey the World Cup fever that has gripped the country but I haven't taken enough pictures to do so. It's like a town is ready for the Super Bowl, but instead it is the whole country. It's amazing and inspiring. I have a feeling the same sort of country pride is not happening back in the States.
I noticed the change a couple of weeks ago when red and white England flags started appearing everywhere. On houses, from flag poles, on cars, draped around statues - I even saw a giant dinosaur wearing an England flag as a cape and with two flags in his little T-Rex hands. Unfortunately, I was on my bike so no picture.

Every pub has flags for all nations to try and encourage you to come in and watch. They usually let you know who they are rooting for however.

I can't even tell you the number of cars I've seen with the flags flying. It seriously is like Da Bears at Super Bowl time of year.

And I had to share one of my favorites, colleagues Annette and Debbie. If you haven't figured it out, Annette is from Germany and Debbie from England. A friendly rivalry. Speaking of friendly rivarly, I've been swimming in the mornings with Tom - who is from Germany, Phillipa - from South Africa and Clark - from England. Add my U.S. nationality to the mix and we've had some fun interactions discussing World Cup group play. That's what is great about being here. It is an absolute melting pot of nations. We quite enjoy taking the mickey out of the bloody Germans, funny accented South Africans and stiff upper lip Brits. Of course, there is nothing to make fun of the Americans about..... Kidding!!! ;o)

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