Thursday, June 17, 2010

Team Spirit

I have to say, I highly recommend joining a club or team. Not only do you get to meet people, but you don't have to race alone if you don't want to (and when I mean 'race', I really mean 'participate'). You can generally find someone else in the race to share rides with, whine with or just be happy you aren't miserable by yourself.

This weekend was the Windosr triathlon. A pretty big event and since it is held locally, the Berkshire Tri Squad (BTS) is out in force either racing or spectating. Again, against my better judgement, I'm including more race photos of my self. This was an Olympic distance triathlon that started out with a swim in the river Thames. Nothing like dodging some swan poo to start your morning.

Darran was camera man extraordinaire taking lots of great photos of the participants and spectators. This was no small feat as the Sprint distance triathletes started at 6:00AM! My wave didn't start until 6:20AM, which had me finishing at 9AM. I took 7 minutes off of last year's overall time (good) but none of the run (bad). Here's a pretty decent photo of our great fans on the left and me smiling on the right. I'm only smiling because there are people I know there. Otherwise, definitely in pain.
Louise wasn't racing this morning so Hironymous got to spectate as well. Tucker had to stay home though.

Two of my favorite people, smug marrieds Tim and Shannon Phillis, occasional Tucker sitters. Shannon did amazingly well for her first race since Ironman New Zealand over two years ago. Well, she did just have a baby so we will give her that. Tim is flashing us his gang sign as he runs by.

Michael, David and Tom cheer us on. Tom finished the sprint and then hung around to 'cheer' us on. And by 'cheer', I mean say annoying things like 'pick up those legs!'. Funny how he did the sprint distance and not the Olympic, eh?

Ian enjoys post race coffee after finishing the Sprint distance. We were happy to see him racing after recovering from a nasty chest infection. Do you think that is a water bottle in his pocket or is he happy to see everyone?

Here I try to sneak by on the other side of the street. I've got both feet in the air (good) but my arms are still way out of control (bad).

I like this picture of Sarah cutting through the pack. She and Gemma did amazingly well after their fab showing in Austria two weeks before. Go ladies!

I think Paul is giving us the 'I'm bored now' sign.

My counterpart - Men's Captain Guy Middelton races by our cheering crowd (isn't everyone in the States excited to see pictures of my partners in crime who you don't even know? Sorry, I just had to share)

I thought Darran took a great photo here. Jo, Jo, Helen, Michael and Dave eagerly await the next person to cheer on. I have to say, it was fantastic seeing these guys. Although, we did go by three times so not much opportunity to slack off in between visits.
Beth Booker looks great in the Sprint. Another wonderful Tucker sitter.
Her husband John Booker (also my racing nemesis) seems to be celebrating his victory. Yes, he beat me again. And by how much you ask? 8 minutes. I tell you, karma just comes back to bite you in the rear end, doesn't it? Congrats to John for a phenomenal bike. I'm no longer competing with this almost 50 year old man. I'm tired of losing when it involves swimming and flat bike courses. :o)

A last picture of a few of the specatators. More were out and about but I can only fit so many pictures on the blog of people you may not know. Thanks to everyone who came out that morning.

Lastly, what else are teammates for but a little friendly competition? I LOVE this photo from the race photographer of German Tom 'helping' Tim Phillis out of his wetsuit. See why it is so much better to race with friends than to race alone?

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