Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Working His Way to a Lump of Coal

Tucker and I were invited to Michael's parent's house for Christmas. So we got ready for our road trip with me pulling out the wine (to smotth the way with Michael's family) and packing Tucker's bag. After being packed, I had to head out for a few last minute gift deliveries.

Imagine my surprise when I return to find that Tucker has removed EVERYTHING from his overnight bag and proceeded to eat all his Christmas gifts. Are you kidding me? The bag was on the kitchen counter! From the photo you'll see lots of bits of plastic where 1) he ate four days worth of dog treats 2) ate the entire Jumbone that was wrapped 3) ate all of his glucosamine dog snacks 4) attempted to bury his meaty bone behind a plant in the dining room 4) chewed threw three layers of plastic grocery bag and had just started eating his dog food when I returned.

Tucker is seriously lucky that Santa let him enjoy his full belly by the fire instead of in the shed! Naughty, naughty dog. Too smart for his own good...... More Christmas photos soon. My first British Christmas was filled with good cheer, lots of fun and lovely photos. Merry Christmas!

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