Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I know, I know - you were expecting more. Sorry - I am in absolute AWE of the proceedings of the royal wedding but did a very poor job documenting it.

There were a few fabulous things about the royal wedding. One of them being the fact that we had a bank holiday to celebrate and watch. Yes, that's right. The Royals gave us a paid day off. Next was the fact that people actually took the time to celebrate. According to the news, a record number of permits were issued to close streets so people could have a street party. How about that?!?!? Lastly, the fact that people pulled out the British flag and decked everything out was great. You have to understand that there is no 'British' bank holiday. In the States, we have the Fourth of July where unless you are an idiot, you generally pull out the American flag, dress up in red, white and blue, find some friends to barbeque and celebrate with and generally celebrate the country. There isn't one of those holidays here in the UK, so therefore, it was very very very cool to watch Britain pull out the flag and celebrate, well, being British.

I couldn't brave the crowds. I seriously could not. I'm sorry. Instead, I went to a little party to watch it on TV. The wedding started at 11AM and Tucker and I headed over at around 10AM. For everyone who said they weren't going to watch it, they lied. The streets were absolutely deserted at that time. Unless you were outside at a block party, you were nowhere to be seen. I think I saw 3 cars on the road? Generally at that time, I would have a hard time not seeing any. However, I digress.... we started with mimosas so we could toast the happy couple with bubbles.

We also had some lovely scones and tea cakes. Yum. Food.

And not to be left out, even Tucker stuck his head at the TV to see what was going on. I never thought I would say how much I enjoyed watching a wedding on TV. For those two hours, I felt very British and very proud of Britain.

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