Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Isle of Wight - the Other Ferry

I've got 10 minutes until I have to leave to catch the train so I'm going for speed posting...

After our beer stop we had to cross over an inlet to make our way back to the ferry. The crossing isn't that large but big enough where you can't jump across. Here we are gloating that we get to travel for free. :O)

Darran checked out the ramp to see if he could jump the inlet. Sadly, we have to wait for the ferry on the other side. You can see the giant chain to the right. Apparently, the ferry just pulls itself along the chain, back and forth, back and forth. I kind of like this picture because I'm guessing idiots often accidentally drive down here into the water. I should google that.

A better shot of just the chain. I guess it keeps you from getting too off track.

Anyone need some spare chain? I hope the car next to it gives you a bit of an idea on size. I wonder if I could use that to lock up my bike? Did I mention that someone stole my mountain bike from the train station. Idiots. I need a chain like this.

Doing my duty to capture my travels.

Inside the ferry for our five minute ride. I think the other passengers were duly impressed with the amount of lycra in the cabin.

Thought this made a cool picture. Not a bad street to cycle down. No traffic! and no hedge rows!

Lastly, the sun starts to set and we find ourselves near the water again. One of the few flat parts of our journey. A great day on the island and more from the weekend soon (as soon as I stop working so much. Arrghh!!!!)

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