Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interesting Lodging

The hotel we stayed at had a very eclectic design sense.

There were lots of statues throughout the grounds. Sort of a greek gods and goddesses theme.

There were also fountains and water features every few yards.

There were also birds and cages everywhere. The hotel had quite the collection of exotic birds, parrots and parakeets. They were neat to look at but I wasn't quite happy with their morning squawking for breakfast!

Among the statues, birds and fountains was also mini-golf. Guess you needed something to entertain you on the ground too....

This pen held both water features and exotic birds. They looked a bit like funky chickens actually (sorry, they aren't pictured).

Also among the crazy decorations were the lounge areas. Tucked away in a corner you could rest on the sofas next to the statue of Buddha or....
...hang out (literally) in the hammocks.

I'm not sure how restful it would really be since if you look closely at the previous picture, you can see these two characters in the background. The scale probably isn't good but they were both bigger than the length of my arm.

A cunning photo of most of the elements. Greek goddess, birds and mini golf. Score!

The grounds also had some interesting flora and fauna.

I only took a picture of this because of where it came from. Who knew they imported plants to Mallorca from Mexico and California??

Lastly, I thought it appropriate that the hotel had several Birds of Paradise plants. I think that may have been the theme. ?????

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