Friday, June 8, 2012

Nicky Got Married

Another triathlon club member gets married (yes, those are the only friends I have in England. But they are good friends!) and her lovely wedding was held in a great church (which I didn't get any pictures of) and a great reception.

The reception was actually held at Pinewood studios. Home to James Bond, Aliens and numerous other blockbuster films. Unfortunately, security was in force and our plans to steal a golf cart and tour the studio grounds was scuppered. Instead, we spent the evening in the reception venue, this lovely manor house.

 The grounds and the drive. Amazing that it was located just beyond the trees to Sound Stage 12, which was used for Aliens and in Batman.

 We enjoyed the terrace and a few glasses of bubbly while we waited for the bride and groom to arrive. Don't mind Louise. She really is trying to smile but that's what happens when you crash your bike and they put two plates in your jaw. She is now the bionic woman.

Nicky and Robin went from the church to the reception in style!

 The driver is definitely dressed the part.

Have to make sure the essentials are in the carriage. Umbrellas for our lovely British weather...

 and bubbles to relax!!

 They do a victory lap on the way to the front of the veranda.

Of course, they are putting on a show for all their guests. ;o)


Lastly, keeping the horses still with a Jedi mind trick.... I know, I know... I probably should have taken more pictures of the bride and groom and less of the horses. Congrats to Nicky and Robin - it was a lovely wedding.

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That looks beautiful!