Friday, September 11, 2009

Alicia & Carey's Wedding

This post is about people - and some good looking people at that!

Alicia and Carey at the rehearsal dinner. (I know, you are saying FINALLY, pictures of the bride and groom) In the background Alison is doing her best 70's backup dancer move.

The bridesmaids and bride looking beautiful after a trip to the salon for hair and makeup. Oh yeah, I needed the professional help. Me, Lyrna, Treadway (Alicia), Allison, Mimi

Ooohhh... pretty!! 75% of the bridesmaids. Allison was busy helping Tread get ready for the big day.

Congratulations! Alicia and Carey after they have officially tied the knot.

Artistic.. yet also displaying that I have the palest legs on the planet.

The wedding party braves the wind for a few pictures on the lake.

The bride has lost her shoes.

Time to celebrate the happy couple!

As the evening wore on, I found myself hugging all the boys in white shirts. Pat, Michael and Mark are all kind enough to submit to my happy hugging spree.

Okay, so it wasn't only the boys. I got some lovin' from my old roommate Radhika. This is what happens when she leaves husband Jed and the twins at home. She's mine! All mine! Okay, whatever. At least I can claim that if it wasn't for me she wouldn't be married to Jed.

Another of my best mates (as they say in England), Holly. She comes to visit in 8 days so look for more random photos to appear. YEAH!!!!!!

And lastly, another picture of the sunset over Lake Michigan. A wonderful weekend with some genuine and fantastic people. Thanks to Alicia and Carey for having such a special weekend. And I mean that in the most intelligent, non- bus size, way possible.

Moving older brother and his lovely wife are in town to visit starting this weekend. Therefore, this blog will return to exploring the English countryside and culture. I know you will be riveted to your seats.....

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