Monday, September 7, 2009


You know your friends are full of love for you when they steal your camera and show you their best sides. I thought I would post these before the 'formal' wedding photos.

Rubin, Jessica and Stewart pose for the camera. Where do you think the Artist, PR Director and Anthropologist learn these poses? Who am I kidding? I love these gals and it was great to see them even if they did get to drink more than I did (I was driving, doh!).

Dave, Radhika (the instigator) and McQuaid partake in some fun.

Marcia and her man also get roped into the festivities.

The Michigan Women's Soccer team never turns down a challenge. Can you believe I've known these ladies for 18 years. Crikey! They shall remain nameless to protect their anonymonity. And they will beat me up.

And lastly, Lyrna and Mike thought they could hide in the corner and blissfully ignore the camera. They were wrong!
It was wonderful catching up with this crazy bunch at the wedding. One more set of photos to follow. I think people might actually want to see the bride and groom at some point.....

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