Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This post is for my British friends (all 2 of them who read my blog) and for some individuals who need a reminder of what you can find in small town America. Well, mainly northern Michigan but it's about the same thing. Wedding photos to follow in another post....

First stop on my trip down memory lane (oh yeah, forgot to mention I went home to see Mom and Dad for a few days) was The Hot Dog stand. I was craving a hot dog and since I wasn't heading to the ballpark, I went to the next best place, the drive-in hot dog stand. I met my friend Shelley there who I now have known for 30 years. Yikes! I can't believe we are so old. She will be coming to visit next April along with our other friend Jeni and I'm already excited even though it is months away.

Another reason to go to The Hot Dog stand. Tuesday is coney day. Oh yeah. That's a hot dog with Chilli and Cheese on it for my foreign readers.
Another staple of my youth, Big Boy! This restaurant icon often made it to the roof of my high school during our formative years. Try the Big Boy burger if you happen to make it in.

While home, my mom received some zucchinis from the neighbor. These are called courgettes in England. As they are absolutely enormous I had to use the TV remote control for scale. My mom made zucchini bread for days....

On the shores of Lake Michigan, where the wedding and rehearsal took place.

Now this is what I am talking about. Carmel apples at the chocolate shop! Go America!

Most innovative use of a dinghy: as a beer/wine/soda cooler. This was used to keep the drinks cool during the rehearsal dinner/barbeque. You wouldn't see that in England. Probably cause it is not warm enough here to need ice. Just kidding!

Views of Lake Michigan across from our cottage.
We rented a cottage for the wedding weekend. Ten adults in 3 bedrooms. It was like summer camp but now we could legally drink. It was a gorgeous house and perfect for the weekend.

Part of why I loved the house so much - my rest spot for a Sunday afternoon nap. It was heavenly to rock in the sun listening to the breeze and the water. I think I may have even snored.

I coudn't decide which view from my hammock was better. The one where I could see the water?

Or the one of the rest of the porch? Nice wide porches for chatting and relaxing. Now this is a staple of small town U.S.A.

And finally, it isn't small town northern Michigan without a cheesey souvenir shop. How can you not love the ginormous carved bear?
So that's my trip down memory lane and small town America. Wedding and friend photos to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

Am not to sure about the Hot Dog but hey I am not American. The place you stayed at looks fantastic. Thanks for the pics.

lvt4cats said...

Mmmmm.... Hot Dog Stand! I've taken Matt there a few times. Love that place.