Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing Tourist

My brother Bob and sister-in-law Tara came to town and we did some London touring.
Here Tara and I are SUPER excited that we are going to watch the London Eye 3-D movie. Don't we look like rock stars?

Look kids, Big Ben... Parliament! It was a gorgeous day and great views from the London Eye.

Walking along Regents Park I was a big fan of the colorful flowers. Ooh... pretty!

I'm also a big fan of statues. I feel like no one makes impressive sculptures any more. Well, none of things you'd actually recognize. I wanted to ask the guy in front if he was guarding the big lion.

Statue of Queen Victoria opposite Buckingham Palace. She's a little imposing. I guess you need to be like that if you are a queen.

Loved the fountains in Kensington Park.

Again, more statues. This time it is of Peter Pan. It is such a lovely fun walk in the Park.

Also in the park is the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. You'd think it would be cheesey but it's actually quite a nice place to be. It's very relaxing and encourages people and kids to play in the fountain. Tara and friend Holly are in the distance with their toes in the water. I followed suit of the people next to me and had a bit of a snooze. ZZzzzzzz.....

The Sunken Gardens next to Kensignton Palace. Yep, still liking the pretty flowers. Not much exciting but something a little different and very relaxing. We also went to see the show Wicked at the Apollo Victoria theatre and that was fabulous. I highly recommend. We spent some time touring the War Cabinet Museum/Winston Churchill Museum and I'd also recommend that. No pictures though. I know you are sad.

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