Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Need a Name

I need a name for my flat. In England, when you fill out a request for your address it asks for House Name or House Number. I'm just a plain old number. But other people get to name their houses cool things.

The only downside is if you don't live in that town, you have no idea where you are going. I recently went to visit a friend with a really cool address of

Meadow Cottage
Christmas Common

Yeah, cool. But where the heck is it? is the driveway just past Field Cottage and before Pasture Cottage? Turn left at the intersection of No Name Street #1 and #2? Do you just make it to the town centre and drive in concentric circles until you find the right flat? Mapquest can only get you so far.....

I bet these guys live next to a river.

One of the more creative ones I have seen.

What is quince, anyway?

So -I'm taking nominations for what to name my flat. You just have to change it with the Post Office and then voila! People can get lost when coming to visit you. I think it is called English charm.


Steve L. said...

'Yankee' may be advertising too much...
'Bicycle' represents what you enjoy a lot.
'Tucker' to honor the number one dog.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of India. I used to send letters to my aunt to Niketu House, near Manasava mandir (i.e. temple), in Vidyanagar (city).

How about "Chicago House" or "Wolverine House"?


Anonymous said...

What about Pod Place, Wolverine Den, or Maize House?

Anonymous said...

How about TuckersDen

BTW Quince is a plant. They even sell it in Waitrose.