Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break - Barbeque, Beers and Some Lovin'

More spring break photos... these two days were dominated by the barbeque day and our grand tour day. The Grand Tour day is otherwise known as, A Long Time In The Saddle.

On the day of the barbeque I upgraded myself to the faster ride and clung on to these gentleman (Chris, Steve and Simon) for the day. They kindly made sure I arrived back in one piece. 

Darran and Lysandra went in the other direction and decided they preferred a leisurely 8 mile ride to the barbeque site instead of our 45 mile circuitous route. They also arrived early enough to reserve the best seating. Not sure if you can see the lounge chairs around the blinding white light that is Darran's legs (and mine but you won't see that) or his classic, greying Nike socks.

Jo and Pippa are happy to pose for the camera now that it is time to rest and refuel.

 A view from up above. Everyone enjoying eating lunch outside. You can't beat it. Not in that weather!

 Another good shot of the BTS crew. Simon, Jo and Heather are a good advertisement. Again I'll admit, its fun to travel with 20+ people. There is always someone to laugh at.

A shot of a few of us. I'm actually in the picture wearing my team kit as well. Happy picnic!

Paul seems to be holding court with the ladies.

And why is Mr. Booker smiling? Could it be because they are serving lemoncino shots at the barbeque? Only in Italy......

Moving on to Grand Tour day (or A Long Time In The Saddle) - otherwise known as 135km or about 85 miles we rolled through some lovely countryside. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you ask, the majority of the ride was climbing. Ouch! Here, Julia, Holly and random Belgian man are smiling despite the pitch of the road. Or they are grimacing. My camera is not that detailed.

At the end of the ride, a few of us headed right for a specific refreshment. Note: these are not all mine.

As all the groups did the long distance, Beth and I were still in our cycling clothes when we hit the sofa. Simon doesn't seem to like the idea that we aren't drinking at the moment. He's just jealous because the fast group got home way before we did and he got to change. Or maybe I have that backward.......

In any case, Ralph didn't make it to the showers either and joined us in the lounge for beers and lunch.

Needless to say, Ralph didn't make it out of the lounge for a while.

From there, the dehydration turned into a bit of alcohol rehydration and I was on the receiving end from a little Darran lovin'. Not a bad way to end my Grand Tour day if I do say so myself.

Lastly, John and Beth decided to dress as if they were going to Cedar Point (they wore the same outfit) and enjoyed laughing at me. I tell you, that's why you travel with people... there is always someone to laugh at... although often, they are laughing at me. :o)

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