Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break - Cycling, Coffee and Gelato

Another year spent in sunny Italy where we cycled, drank coffee, ate gelato, ate, drank and did some wine tasting. It was a wonderful trip with good friends. I've tried to pick some of the better photos but my camera is just not doing the trip justice.

We had 23 people make the trip this year. This is what it looks like when trying to fit bikes, luggage and people on the bus.

Simon is smiling as he brought the 'good bike' out this year.

I'm smiling because I rented a brand new Scott carbon fiber bike for the week. Once again, how did I end up with a bike that had never been ridden? It was lovely and much better than having to disassemble and bring my own bike along. Even though I love my Scott at home.

 The usual antics as we navigate our way to coffee after a couple of hours in the saddle. Most of them climbing on this trip.

I did actually stop this time to take a few photos of the countryside. Sometimes you get a little too caught up in watching the wheel in front of you or climbing on your own, and this year I vowed to stop and smell the roses more often. After my shoe incident, I realized it was crucial for my mental health.

The boys waiting as we re-group. Notice the Italian flags in the background. This year, we surmised it was a national holiday somewhere near the date of our trip as the Italian flag was flying everywhere. It made for even more scenic riding.

I think I've taken this photo in the past. A pretty cool front door.

Can you see the rider in this photo? That's Holly climbing to the top. Amazing the number of towns build on hills with massive rock walls surrounding them.

Rob is all smiles after our traditional gelato stop. Oh yeah. The hardship.

We stopped for coffee in Urbino one day. The statues and architecture were magnificent.

Look! It really is me on Spring Break and not just someone sending me photos. :o)

Our coffee stop destination ahead. Every time we started at the bottom of a hill our guide would say either '3K' or '5K'. Every climb was either 3K or 5K. Then again, I really think that might have been all the English that they knew.

Another coffee stop. This one had better bike parking for a change. A lovely sunny day and it wasn't a hardship to stop for a bit.

And I can't forget this guy. His Belgian parents were there to ride and he spent the days with grandma and grandpa. However, every morning he would zoom around to see us off. Take note parents! Teach your kids to ride a bike early. More photos coming up....

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