Friday, July 11, 2008

Corporate Challenge

This week I did a little bonding with my co-workers. I got invited to join the team for the Chase Corporate Challenge held in London.

Here is our pre-race picture.

And of course the post-race picture. I really think I'm going to like this country. The Wednesday night bike rides end at the pub and the Thursday night corporate challenge also ends at the pub. Lovely!

Lisa and I were a little behind...

Two interesting things from this week - first, at the pub I learned that many women drink something called a 'shandy'. Per my source, it is made up of half beer and half lemonade. Interestingly enough, the lemonade is really 7-UP. It's going to take a while to figure out this language.

My second item concerns my continuing battle with technology. In a nutshell, I set the toaster on fire. For obvious reasons, there is no photo of this event. But to make yourself chuckle, just picture me in the laundry room putting stuff in the dryer, hearing my pop tarts pop up in the toaster, adding another towel to the dryer, turning around and seeing flames shooting from the toaster. It was quickly extinguished but not before the smoke alarm went off (a good test of course!). So - note to self - as Britains make toast quite often - setting 5 on the toaster is SERIOUS.

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Jeni said...

Hey Lynda,

I love that you are blogging. I made my posting name Jeni just for you :) You seem to have so many fun people to do things with already! That's great! Leinie's is selling a "Summer Shandy" now - just had one on the 4th. I think I prefer my beer separate from my lemonade (or 7-UP) but maybe it's better if you mix it yourself.

Keep up the posting and don't catch anymore pop tarts on fire!