Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving In

It's been an exciting week as my household goods have finally arrived in the UK. It was quite the fun filled day of delivery, damages, stuff that doesn't fit and finally feeling a little bit more like home.....

My sea container arrived right on time. It's fairly disconcerting to know that your entire life fits in a 20 ft sea container. And even then it only fit 2/3rds of the container! In the end, I still have way too much stuff. I thought I did a good job purging before I left (I took MANY bags to Goodwill), however, I still ended up with 12 pot holders. I guess I'm holding out to have a lot of cooks in my kitchen.

After the container arrived and the movers showed up, it was a bit of drama to actually get the container open. Due to this bent bolt, the guys had to drive around until they found a hardware store where they could buy a hacksaw. The crowbar just wasn't cutting it.

Turns out my queen size box spring is too big for the staircase so I've moved it into the sports/office/garage room for now. So much for dreams of sleeping in my own bed. Now I have to find a mattress store for a split box spring. Note to self: buy a two piece box spring.

The couch was also quite a challenge. Good thing the boys were able to get it through the window.

Lastly, after much hard work and unpacking on my end, I thought I'd show you what some of the rooms look like with all my junk in them. Before and After... enjoy!

I know, looking at photos of someone's old furniture is pretty lame, but for me, it made my week. Now I'm off to try and unpack/organize the kitchen. Good night everyone - I'm ready for visitors!

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