Sunday, July 13, 2008

Working On the Weekend

WARNING: This post may trigger severe flashbacks for some of my former co-workers. With that said, I have to say it brought back some good memories of all my Chicago and Madison friends.

This weekend I helped out with our annual physical inventory. I headed up to the warehouse for the time honored tradition of figuring out what exactly we have on hand. My apologies for the photos - the flash caused too much reflection and without the flash - things were blurry. Gah!

Saftety first! I put on the steel toes, the reflective vest and my harnass. I'm ready.

A view of one of the narrow aisles that we counted.

When we couldn't get high enough to count the pallet, we brought it down to us.

After a long day, sore feet and no longer able to do math in my head - we headed out to the pub to replenish our energy.

Somehow, even though I ordered ONE glass of wine, I ended up with THREE. I sure hope the same math doesn't apply to our inventory!

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear. It's a gorgeous day in the English countryside before we head back to the warehouse (surprisingly, no one ever builds a warehouse in the middle of a city)

After being sprung from warehouse duty, on my drive back to Windsor I detoured through Oxford. It was such a beautiful day and although I was tempted to head back and get on my bicycle, I decided to play tourist and enjoyed a few hours of wandering. I passed by this gate on my way towards the university buildings. It makes me imagine a secret garden or Camelot courtyard behind the aged oak door and ancient stone. (That's the romantic version - really I think Orcs and Goblins but that seemed to bloodthirsty)

The Oxford Church

An archway toward one of the literary houses (I think)

Since it was such a beautiful day, I stopped for fish and chips at a local pub and sat outside on a picnic table. I shared a table with a very friendly local couple (Steve and Joey) who told me to visit Christ Churh, pictured above, otherwise known as home to Hogwarts dining hall and quiddich fields. I saw where Harry Potter dined! Unfortunately, hordes of school groups prevented me from photos of just how amazing this area is, but hopefully a few of these can give you an idea. Outside of Christ Church - it really is more of a campus than a single building.

Outside of the Church facing the fields. Quidditch anyone?

That's all for now. Take care everyone and please keep in touch!

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